The mission of the Congregation is to further the revival of the Messianic Jewish Community begun by Yeshua and His disciples in the first century, making disciples as they did in the context of their Jewish identity. This is accomplished through: prayer; teaching Jewish people about their Messiah, worshipping G-d through Yeshua, by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), retaining our Jewish identity, supporting Israel, and being an outreach to the community.

We are comprised of Jewish and non-Jewish believers, with a heart of Ruth, who worship the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with music, dance and liturgy, as did Yeshua and the first century Jewish people.

We are to be a beacon of light in Central Florida as a synagogue (place of gathering) where we can worship and fellowship with each other as we celebrate the Shabbat and the Feasts of the L-rd. We study the Torah and all of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. We provide Messianic Jewish and Hebrew education for adults and children and fully equip them to fulfill the calling of G-d on their lives. We are to foster love and support, through prayer and finances, for the State of Israel and recognize through the Scriptures that G-d is calling His people back to the Land.

  • Pray for Israel